Today, the need for professional ethics in engineering is felt more than ever. Technology progress and achievements during the past century, and the continued flourishing of its in future will have astonishing growth. According to the country’s development plan and numerous development projects consulting engineers have an important role in the preparation and monitoring of national projects and development. Therefore, the consulting engineers must operate in the framework of clear and transparent ethical standards that will ensure their development and perfection.


Faranoor Derakhshan company has been establishing and operating with the leading and renowned executives and experts with aim of training and consulting in the field of electricity, lighting and lighting distribution in the year 89 , and has significant activities bearing on cooperation with related organizations.


Preparing philosophy and evaluating distribution system
Preparation of a comprehensive power distribution plan
Design and studies, phase one and two electrical installations
Superior supervision of projects and distribution equipment’s
Consulting services of Photovoltaic systems
Feasibility studies of distributed energy generation


The field of lighting is not academic in our country, and we have created and institutionalized this knowledge with great effort at the Faranoor company, and we have done prominent projects such as Meshkinshahr Suspension Bridge Lighting Project, Ayatollah Foomeni Mosque Lighting Project, Ayatollah Foomeni Mosque Lighting Project.


The few companies except Faranoor company has an active and extensive department of training. The activities of this department include cooperation with colleges such as Shahid Abbaspour University, as well as conducting training courses for audience of distribution companies and the Ministry of Oil and Large Manufacturing Companies.

Competitive differences

The quality of service

The reason Faranoor’s success is the quality of service provided, which is a distinction between rival companies.

High speed operation

Franoor company responds to the needs of the employer with the highest speed and precision due to the young employees and company management and the elimination of unnecessary redundancy.

Staff traineeship

Due to the importance of using the new knowledge, Faranoor Company is committed to holding short and long term training courses for its employees and the employer.

Keep up with the new knowledge

The need for growth and prosperity of the consulting company is to use technical and up-to-date information. The basis of the Faranoor company is based on this.


Percentage of customer satisfaction


Training hours


Prepared plans



Main employers


Distribution companies

Our cooperation with distribution companies such as Tehran, Hamedan, Khuzestan and Ahvaz has been in the field of design supervision and training.


The municipalities are the custodians of urban lighting activities, so they are our main employers, and they work with us on consulting, designing, monitoring and implementing lighting projects.

South Pars Oil Refinery

Refineries and oil companies use our services because of the importance of the electricity system and lighting in refineries and petrochemicals.


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DIALUX training

Lighting & Lighting Design Software


In order to enter the dimensions of your project into the drawing, you can draw dimensioning lines and adapt these as required. Position the starting and ending points with the help of the manipulator. You can then change the type and appearance of the dimensions under the format function.

Menu bar

Via the menu (file), as in other familiar Windows applications, you can load new projects and close and save existing ones. In addition, you can use diverse import/export interfaces. We offer the import of STF files, DIALUx 4 indoor projects, luminaire data in standard formats, 3DS files and photo files’. In this sub-menu, as an export medium, we support drawings such as DWG and DXF.

False colors

In DIALux evo great value ranges come to fruition. From outdoor lighting with a few lux over the interior
illumination between 100 and 1000lx, up to decorative illuminations with 2000lx and more. During the quick and easy interpretation of the calculation results, the false-color view helps. The settings of the false color values are valid for the whole project, so they are also called “global false color”. The set value for a color is used in all diagrams and views.


Duplicating lighting scenes

With this function you can generate new lighting scenes. An already existing lighting scene which has been generated automatically by DIALux is used as the basis. Changes can be made to the copy, e.g.. different dimmer settings or different compositions of luminaire groups

Replacing material

If you wish to replace one material or one color by another material or color and you wish to change many surfaces, you can simply use the function “Replace material”. First you select the new material or the new color, then click on the function “Replace material” and then in your project click on the material or color which is to be replaced.

Drawing a roof

You can also draw any of the roof types yourself. You need only to describe the outer contours of the roof. Any inclined surfaces are calculated automatically. Dimensions and gradients can then be changed manually. After you have drawn a flat roof this can be edited by activating the context menu with a right mouse click and selecting “Edit polygon”. Then, with a further right mouse click you can add another point.

The DIAL lighting and lighting design software is made by DIAL and is one of the most current quality software. To view the training of this software, click on the link below

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